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Tracks Across Time Into The 21st Century

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Jean Gebser: The Ever-Present Origin

Authorized Translation by Noel Barstad with Algis Mickunas


In memoriam Jean Gebser by Jean Keckeis


Fundamental Considerations


Mutations as an Integral Phenomenon: An Intermediate Summary


The Foundations of the Aperspectival World


The Concretion of the Spiritual

Algis Mickunas, Ohio University

Integrative Investigations: Journal of Culture and Consciousness


An Introduction to the Philosophy of Jean Gebser

Ed Mahood, jr., PhD, MBA

Synairetic Research Campbell CA


The Primordial Leap And The Present: The Ever-Present Origin
An Overview Of The Work Of Jean Gebser

Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.

Yoga Research and Education Center


Jean Gebser's Contribution toward a New Epistemology


Gebserís Archaic Consciousness and Wilberís Critique

Allan Combs

University of North Carolina at Asheville


Jean Gebser and the Spirit of Cooperation
It is evident that the continued success of the human species into the opening decades of the twenty-first century will require a spirit of cooperation. This means a spirit of working together between individuals, a spirit of working together between political units such as nation states and international collectives, and a spirit of working together between the human and the many other species with which it shares the Earth.


Integral Conversations
Part of Jean Gebser's original conception of the integral structure of consciousness contained the idea that it embraces all earlier evolutionary structures as well. This paper is a step toward embracing the integral perspective to facilitate discourses that speak to a wide range of participants who themselves speak from different structures of consciousness. Such discourses are desperately needed in today's troubled world.
A paper dedicated to the work of German author and activist, Rudolf Bahro.



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